You’re going to love this Christmas!

My favorite holiday is coming and I couldn’t be more excited! Christmas is so special to me. Maybe because I like the fact that it’s very cold outside and I always have a reason to cuddle with my husband.

Now on the topic of cuddling, I am guilty of loving cuddling that has a purpose. And on that note, let’s talk about Christmas presents for the person you love (and desire) most in the world. Of course old fashion presents can make a cute impression at a family dinner, like buying him a heart shaped cookie with your private nick name for him written on it in sweet royal icing. Or if we’re talking about the man in the relationship, he can end up giving her a gift card so she can buy something that she really likes. Everyone is over that. You need to experience something new that will make you love Christmas as much as I do.




Lingerie. Let it sink in for a minute, and then bite your lip thinking of the naughtiness that just crossed your mind. Yes, you are going to surprise your loved one with a new kind of gift.

Just think of the feeling you get when you buy a new piece of lingerie. You’re anxious to get to take it out of the box, to let your hand touch the soft, delicate fabric that is going to wrap around your body. Now imagine how that feeling is going to be when you are getting it as a present for your significant other. Let your mind wonder off to how he looks at you when you are wearing a new piece of sexy lingerie. His eyes can’t move to somewhere he can’t see you, he is enjoying every second of it. This is why you buy sexy lingerie. To feel empowered, to see him helpless as he lusts for you, for touching you.
This is what you need as your new Christmas present. You’ll both enjoy it more than anything else. It’s not something that you are going to use separately, like a new phone. It’s something that will bring you together in the sexiest way possible.


It will be a gift for you, because it will automatically give you a confidence boost. Feeling delicate fabrics flowing over your curves, a set of lingerie that highlights all your best features, things like these are going to put you on top of the world. And I don’t know if it is even necessary to mention why this is going to be a great gift for him. He is going to see you at the peak of your sexuality, and he will get to enjoy what this feeling does to your attitude, your actions, to your inhibitions.
Trust me! You’re going to love this Christmas!