Shafiria Chemise – I don’t want to take it off!

It finally arrived!

My Shafiria Chemise… I wanted it as soon as I saw it on the website, but I couldn’t just take it out of my laptop screen so I had to wait for it to be delivered. And it’s here! And I’ve got to say the packaging looks so elegant and fancy, I was handling it like it was holding something precious and highly breakable. I don’t know about it being breakable, but what I found inside is definitely precious.

First off, I absolutely love their brand name and motto. I mean there is a marketing genius behind these two. Inspire your desire. That sounds so strong and uplifting, especially when you’re about to try on a sexy, spicy piece of lingerie.


After carefully opening the box, I had a major surprise. I found the most vibrant, pleasant blue color I’ve seen on lingerie fabrics so far, and I’m a big fan of trying out new products. It is a really intense blue, which just gets accentuated by the black trim that flows downwards, and by the lace that highlights the cups and thighs.




The fabric is pleasant to the touch and I couldn’t wait to put it on and admire myself in the mirror. It may sound a bit narcissistic, but that’s why I love sexy lingerie so much. It gives me the attitude and ego boost to go with such a provocative outfit.


So I tried it on. The fabric quality is excellent in my opinion. I’ve bought products with similar quality of the fabric but I spent way more. The quality and the touch of this fabric make the price look like the greatest deal I’ve ever done.


The adjustable straps allow you to fit everything in place and they take out the discomfort of falling straps, that make your look go from ravishing to ravished in seconds. Now I can tell you what I saw in the mirror. Maybe it wasn’t the lingerie, but even my hair looked better. Maybe it was the smile that made the image as a whole look great. I get this smile when I feel sexy. And this Shafiria Chemise has done its job. I love how it fits on my body. I ordered the L/XL size and it is a perfect fit. The flexible material lets every sexy bit shine through. I think the vertical trimming in the front is put there more than to just make the chemise look pretty, it’s very slimming as well. As an L/XL size user I have to say a slimming effect is a great way to experience carefree lingerie wearing. The lace just adds to the naughty, elegant vibe of thechemise. The box also came with a sexy thong, which is a great touch to finish off this sexy masterpiece.





I don’t want to take it off honestly. I should, since it’s very early, and my boyfriend won’t be home until this evening. But this is going to be a big surprise for him too. I don’t know how much he is going to pay attention to the good material, but I’m sure he’ll be as happy as me about this purchase. I highly recommend it! <3

Take a look at few more photos:

1obsessive-shafiria-chemise 2obsessive-shafiria-chemise 3obsessive-shafiria-chemise 4obsessive-shafiria-chemise 5obsessive-shafiria-chemise 6obsessive-shafiria-chemise 7obsessive-shafiria-chemise 8obsessive-shafiria-chemise 9obsessive-shafiria-chemise 10obsessive-shafiria-chemise 11obsessive-shafiria-chemise